Faraday Wallets

Mens Silent Pocket Faraday Car Key Guard


Mens Silent Pocket Faraday Car Key Guard
Nylon lining
Snap closure
Prevents electronic car key fob signal from being cloned as this pouch blocks signal amplification attacks or a signal relay hacks
Signal Blocking Faraday cage technology effectively blocks WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID, NFC in all frequencies, with protection against EMF and EMP. Trusted by the US Government & global enterprises

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RF Blocking, EMF Radiation Protection

TOI Faraday Fabric is used for making faraday bags, EMF Radiation protection bags, Clothes, Shields, RF enclosures, EMF deflection, and signalproof rooms or tents. High-shielding nickel and copper composition blocks WiFi (2.4 & 5GHz), Bluetooth, cell signals including 5G networks, GPS, RFID, and radio signals with 90dB average attenuation from low MHz all the way up to 40GHz. EMI, RFI, and EMF radiation shielding.

EMF Emitted by Electrical Devices

EMF includes both electrical and magnetic fields emanating from electrical devices. The electromagnetic radiation is in the frequency range of 50/60 Hz (from typical power lines) through the RF range (wireless networks at 2.4 – 5.8 GHz) up to 300 GHz (microwave devices). These frequencies are all lower than visible light which is electromagnetic radiation in the frequency of 100s of THz and is much lower in energy than ionizing radiation (e.g. the type of radiation emitted by x-ray machines and radioactive materials), and the biological effects associated with exposure are much different.


What RF signals does this fabric block?
It is 100% shielding of WiFi (2.4 & 5GHz), Bluetooth, cell signals including 5G networks, GPS, RFID, and radio signals with 80dB-100dB average attenuation. We recommend using multiple layers of the fabric for increased shielding.
Is this fabric washable?
Will it block airport scanners?
I am interested in having a backpack manufactured. Can I customize the design and have my logo printed on it?
Can I get a sample before placing the order?
What is your sample pricing?
What are the steps from development to order?

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